A picture madeup of several pics taken on our Karoo weekend 09. 

Hi, if like me you find yourself amazed at the vast size and possibilities that our universe might hold and you often find yourself staring into the night sky wondering what might be out there? And when will we know if we are the only ones in the universe as naive as the human race sometimes is, we still eagerly await these answers.

These would be some of the factors that might have brought you to astronomy as a hobby or career, well as noble as that might be for some, to tell you the truth the images below on this page have more to do with it in my case, and I suspect the same for most that are interested in Astronomy, I look at these and on occasion will feel a lump in my throat thinking back to those many nights spent in front of the television and in my imagination just waiting for the next adventure with Captain Kirk, Spok and the crew of the Enterprise, or dreading a undercover lizard person from V walking into my bedroom to take me away, these and many more, Close Encounters of the third kind, ET and so on, were the source of my generations fascination with space and its mysteries.

No matter how you have found your way to Astronomy Welcome to my Site.

This site is here for various reasons, to offer potential new members to Astronomy advice on their first Telescope, help those further down the path to better expend their equipment to suit their needs, offer a reasonable buying service to those looking for Astronomy equipment. And to help those out there connect with fellow Astronomers in clubs in their local areas.

Feel free to ask questions and to make first contact...

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