Some of the joy of this hobby is to make your own equipment or building an observatory, or making your own telescope, I have recently completed my own pier to put my mount on when I want to observe, you might ask why do this if you have a tripod, but the reality is that every time you carry the tripod in or out you need to get it standing level, facing the right direction and so on. So I decided enough, I will build my own pier and then all I have to do each time I setup is to bolt the mount on and then start from parked position, thus saving time and leaving more energy to be spent on the observing or photography.

Below you will see a series of photos from start to finish building the mount i have built. The materials in volved are, four 16mm threaded iron rods, two 5mm steel plates, sixteen nuts and washers for stabalising the plates, one mount extension tube from Sky-Watcher.

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