The LVI SmartGuider is a revolution for Astrophotography; this nifty little device gives you the freedom to carryout Astrophotography without needing to connect a computer or laptop to your mount for auto guiding. This means you could now take your telescope and mount out to anywhere and do your photography there without need for a table, power etc that is needed for use with a computer in the field or laptop, the SmartGuider is powered from the same source as your mount 12v, So should you be a DSLR user you need not take any large measure of equipment out with you any longer. The unit is supplied with a focus eye piece so you just focus your guide scope with it and connect the guide unit to the scope and your focus is sorted out. The system is very automated so does not require much user input to make it work, just walk through the menu steps and off you go.

        A must have for any serious Astrophotography enthusiast.  Should you be interested in one please do not hesitate contacting me.

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