The purpose of this page is to introduce to you some of the telescopes on the market today and to give you an idea of what you might expect when purchasing one, keep in mind this is my opinion and does not represent any manufacturer or dealers opinions and above all, keep in mind you need to make the ultimate choice of what works for you.

I do not have a loyalty to a specific brand and as such you will be introduced to several brands here and should you want me to supply the unit you choose for yourself, I will gladly do so, I will not rip you off but please realise I need to save for that first space trip…lol

This is my baby, 12 inch Sky-Watcher reflector, my 5th scope and to me a very well rounded scope for viewing and photography. The NEQ6 Pro mount it is on, is about as good as you will find in its price class, It has good tracking ability and a large database of objects it will take you to once setup. These scopes come in various sizes ranging from 114mm to this 305mm you see here. Until i can build my own SALT this will have to do.

This Puppy is about as serious as it gets for the amateur Astronomer, this is a RC400 telescope from Meade, it is based on the Ritchey - Chretien design, a design that is probably the most widely used for research and observatories around the world, the most famous of them all, the Hubble.

Above we have two more types of telescopes, the top one being a Maksutov Cassegrain and the two below that are Refractors, these are more expensive when compared to the same size reflectors depending on which model you choose, but they do have their advantages being small size for good performance. Also being useful for land based viewing.

This unit is a GSO Ritchey - Chretien and is available for a very modest price for its performance, it offers exquisite CNC machined and hand crafted construction, and is truly art at work. It sports a carbon fibre tube that reduces weight and looks damn good.

Above we have what is known as a Dobsonian  telescope, this is by far the best bang for buck option a person can buy, but be sure about your intentions as this is not the smallest telescope to lug around, but they are very well priced for the amount of light gathering they produce, this particular model is a Lightbridge by mead and is an example of truss dobsonians, meaning they have trusses in the centre of the assembly splitting the tube into two, these are also available in the solid tube form. The truss design makes this easier to transport, but should you later want to mount this onto a goto mount like the NEQ6 on the right, this will be a problem, the solid tube units make that much easier for later upgrade.

Then for the truly adventurous custom orders can be taken for up to 28" telescopes should you have the desire to own the pinnacle in personal telescope systems.

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